Etsy Find No.4


Do you get completely lost in other worlds while watching a movie or reading a book? Have you wondered what the house of Slytherin might smell like as Harry and Ron sneak in to spy on Malfoy? Or imagine having a feast at the Shire and soaking in the sights, sounds and smells? What about stepping inside Sherlock’s study or Dumbledore’s office (I bet you’d smell butterbeer!)? Well, you no longer have to wonder thanks to Frostbeard Studio who have created an amazing line of book inspired soy candles. Wouldn’t these make awesome gifts for the bookworm?


“Unfinished” Painted Walls

partially-painted-walls6I’ve been a long time admirer of fun things to do with paint and walls (case in point: here and here). And a neat partially painted wall is definitely tops! Don’t you just love the clean lines of that bold green and calming white that Emily used in her guest bedroom?

But lately I’ve been digging the unfinished-looking paint job. It’s a little imperfect and oozes personality (hmm, the wall oozes personality?). Well, perhaps not the wall but you, the person who painted the wall. Still, am I brave enough to do this in my own home? It could come off looking silly instead of cool, right? What do you think?

Here are four looks, for inspiration : )

partially-painted-walls4 partially-painted-walls2 partially-painted-walls partially-painted-walls5

PS. Polka dot walls!

(Images from Style by Emily Henderson, Curiously Colourful, Spicer and Bank, Remodelaholic and Ideas to Steal)


5 Unusual Ways To Beautify Your Walls

half-wallsIf only I got paid $10 for every hour spent daydreaming about decorating, I’d be really rich by now. A fun way to spruce up a space without spending much money at all would be to add some art to the walls in your home. I’m not talking about going out and buying actual art, oh no.. all you need is a can of paint and we’re off! Here are five wonderful ideas…abstract-art-on-walls just-around-the-edges stenciled-entryway stenciled-headboard tiny-black-trianglesAren’t these so pretty? Which look is your favourite? Would you dare try any look? Not into designs on your walls, how about going dark?

(All images via Pinterest)

Arranging Books By Colour

arranging-books-by-colour1I’ve been spotting more and more images of books arranged by colour. And while my first thought is hey, that looks pretty, I soon think of the difficulties of actually locating a book in that sea of colour. Books in my home are catalogued by genre – seems the logical thing to do. But then maybe having books grouped by colour will actually make it easier? It’s certainly more visually pleasing and just based on that, I’m leaning towards rearranging every book I own right now.


What do you think? Yay or nay?

(Top photo via My Scandinavian Home and bottom photo via Arianna Belle)

Dark Walls For Drama

dark-grey-wallRemember these polka dot walls? Well, I noticed another trend on my Pinterest board for Decor – dark walls! And as a gal who enjoys all things bright and sunlight streaming into a room, this took me a lil by surprise. But I’m loving it. What do you think? All our walls are painted a soft white but I’m really tempted to switch things up and go for dark grey instead. Here’s more for inspiration:

dark-walls-in-bedroom dark-walls-in-dining-room dark-walls-in-dining-room-2 dark-walls-in-living-room dark-walls-in-living-room2Yay or nay?

(Images via Casa Atelier, Pop Sugar, Coco Lapine Design, and the last two are from A Beautiful Mess)


9 Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts

diy-heart-pillowChristmas is barely over and here comes another holiday! I’ve always thought Valentine’s Day was a little funny considering it’s probably the most girly holiday out there and yet, we’re meant to spend the day with our manly men. Still, that doesn’t stop us from whipping up some tasteful decorations and sweet notes for the special day. Here are a few ideas which caught my attention. All simple to do… I promise! I’m no DIY whiz either.

DIY-heart pillow{DIY heart pillows from Design Love Fest}

diy-valentine-crackers{DIY valentine crackers from Lovely Indeed}

fold-and-send-valentines-printables{DIY fold & send Valentine’s from Camille Styles}

heart-balloons2{Heart balloons in a closet from Oh Happy Day}

HEART-CUT-OUT-GIFT-WRAPPING{Heart cut out gift wrapping from The House That Lars Built}

love-struck-arrows{DIY lovestruck arrows from Somewhere Splendid}

match-made-in-heaven{Valentine’s matchbox wraps from Camille Styles}

message-in-a-bottle-valentines{Valentine’s message in a bottle from Camille Styles}

sealed-with-a-kiss{Wax lips Valentine’s from Oh Happy Day}

Plus, I couldn’t resist posting this recipe to heart-shaped salted caramel brownies. Doesn’t it look divine?


Decorating With Antlers

antlers-on-wallAm I crazy for finding this really cool? I kind of love the idea of having antlers around. There’s something a little magical about antlers and it definitely makes a strong statement. Contrary to what many think, there’s nothing inhumane about this as deers naturally shed their antlers annually. Still, I think I’ll stick to faux antlers. No one can tell the difference anyway.

antlers-on-wall2 antlers-on-wall3 antlers-on-wall4 bath-rustic-antlers-decor-ideas-nordic-style-carter-smith-house-gardenWhat do you think? Love or loathe?

(Images via Tumblr, The Interior Archive, Flickr, Apartment Therapy and Nazmiyal) 


Paintings By Thomas Darnell


I came across the truly breathtaking work of artist Thomas Darnell. His attention to detail is absolutely tremendous. The artist says, “what remains consistent in all my work is the light. It represents energy, spirit and forces we do not see but feel are there all the same: emotions, sounds, thoughts, gravity, vibrations.” I can find a place for each of his paintings in my home. I imagine the one of birds, below, sitting perfectly in the living room while this would go so well in the bedroom. It exudes a sense of calm.

Birds-Flying CanalPeonies-2

Yay or Nay: Open Shelves

open-kitchen-shelves open-kitchen-shevles-2When I saw the Elsie’s kitchen, I immediately fell for the open shelves – look at all those neatly arranged glasses. So pretty! Unfortunately, open storage has its downsides. Besides easily looking messy instead of chic, there’s the case of lizards hiding behind a pot (especially in Malaysia) and giving you the fright of your life as you lift that pot! I’m speaking from experience here, as you can tell.  And the dust. Those shelves need frequent dusting. Elsie says it’s totally worth it.

But! I’m sticking to closed shelves. Here are three beautiful looks. I think the key is to individualise your cabinets with colour and/or pattern. Mix it up!

closed-kitchen-shelves{Viva colour!}
closed-kitchen-shelves3{White and black look so classy}closed-kitchen-shelves2{Pink cabinets. Need I say more?}

What do you think? Which would you choose?