Yay or Nay: Open Shelves

open-kitchen-shelves open-kitchen-shevles-2When I saw the Elsie’s kitchen, I immediately fell for the open shelves – look at all those neatly arranged glasses. So pretty! Unfortunately, open storage has its downsides. Besides easily looking messy instead of chic, there’s the case of lizards hiding behind a pot (especially in Malaysia) and giving you the fright of your life as you lift that pot! I’m speaking from experience here, as you can tell.  And the dust. Those shelves need frequent dusting. Elsie says it’s totally worth it.

But! I’m sticking to closed shelves. Here are three beautiful looks. I think the key is to individualise your cabinets with colour and/or pattern. Mix it up!

closed-kitchen-shelves{Viva colour!}
closed-kitchen-shelves3{White and black look so classy}closed-kitchen-shelves2{Pink cabinets. Need I say more?}

What do you think? Which would you choose?



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