Dogs Confused By Magic


These doggies are absolutely adorable! I promise you’ll go Awwww.


A Wedding For Writers

wedding-in-bookstore-1 wedding-in-bookstore-2I simply had to share this beautiful wedding with you. It’s a writers dream come true. Darn it! It’s so beautiful I bet anyone would love to have their wedding in an old bookstore. wedding-in-bookstore-3Check out the brides style! A polka dot blouse and all those bangles! Who’d have thought it would all go so perfectly together? And did you notice her bouquet made out of book pages? Ahh… I’m loving wedding-in-bookstore-5 wedding-in-bookstore-6(Via Powells)

Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover?

the-hobbit-book-coverSince we’re on the topic of books (see here and here), I couldn’t help but ask: Do you judge books by their covers? With a gazillion books to sieve through when selecting just one to buy, I definitely narrow my selection based on book covers. I know I’m not supposed to but heck, first impressions matter and isn’t that the job of a great cover – To draw you in and snatch your attention away from nearby books? Here are some amazing covers…

awesome-book-coversWhich is your favourite? I think mine’s Alice!

Which Actress Would Play You In A Movie Version Of Your Life?

sandrabSometimes a silly lil quiz is oh so fun! I came across this one today and thought it was kinda cool. Apparently, if a movie was being made about my life, Sandra Bullock would play the lead! Want to find out who’d get your part? Let the casting begin… Take the quiz here.

(Photo from Puro Glamour)

Etsy Find No.4


Do you get completely lost in other worlds while watching a movie or reading a book? Have you wondered what the house of Slytherin might smell like as Harry and Ron sneak in to spy on Malfoy? Or imagine having a feast at the Shire and soaking in the sights, sounds and smells? What about stepping inside Sherlock’s study or Dumbledore’s office (I bet you’d smell butterbeer!)? Well, you no longer have to wonder thanks to Frostbeard Studio who have created an amazing line of book inspired soy candles. Wouldn’t these make awesome gifts for the bookworm?

5 Unusual Ways To Beautify Your Walls

half-wallsIf only I got paid $10 for every hour spent daydreaming about decorating, I’d be really rich by now. A fun way to spruce up a space without spending much money at all would be to add some art to the walls in your home. I’m not talking about going out and buying actual art, oh no.. all you need is a can of paint and we’re off! Here are five wonderful ideas…abstract-art-on-walls just-around-the-edges stenciled-entryway stenciled-headboard tiny-black-trianglesAren’t these so pretty? Which look is your favourite? Would you dare try any look? Not into designs on your walls, how about going dark?

(All images via Pinterest)


Sometimes, life gets a little too serious. Problems seem to be mount faster than you can deal with them. Days fly when you’ve got so much to accomplish. It’s during times like this when we’ve got to remember to laugh.

laugh-570I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.



Celebrities In Historical Paintings

jack-black-paul-revereWhat are the odds? These 8 celebrities look surprisingly similar to some famous potraits from the 17th, 18th and 19th century. The one above is of Jack Black and Paul Revere, an American patriot who famously alerted Colonial militia of approaching British soldiers.

And check out Jesse Tyler Ferguson looking exactly like Vincent Van Gogh. LOL! jesse-tyler-and-van-goghHere are six more jaw-dropping lookalikes…

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The 7 Min Workout

7-min-workoutOkie admit it. You made a resolution when 2014 started to get more fit. Well, at least I did. In fact, a couple of my family members and I joined a gym together and two months down the line, we’re still going fairly regularly although sometimes, work and other commitments get in the way. But with QuickFit, there’s no excuse. It’s the perfect app for busy people – just 7 minutes to an effective workout – scientifically proven. Intrigued? You can try the free web version (I did and loved it) or simply download the app here.

PS. 10 great iPhone apps to try today.

A Bohemian Wedding

bohemian wedding1Would you have a bohemian-inspired wedding in a barn? This amazing wedding is just too wonderful not to share. I mean, isn’t this the most beautiful bridal party you’ve seen?

bohemian wedding - bridal party1flowers at bohemian barn wedding1bohemian wedding dinner table setup1I’m love with everything – the colour palette, style, location, flowers… Need I go on? There’s lots more take-your-breath-away photos here.

(Photos, taken by Braedon Flynn, via Inspired By This)