About Us

Michelle the Leo

michelleI am a Master graduate in Accounting and Commerce and am currently working in a male dominated industry of concrete and steel.

Being a natural born Leo like Tanu the dreamer, I am a confident and generous person with a pinch of bossiness. I enjoy everything that life has to offer, from a beautiful cup of café latte right up to a beautiful glass of wine, oh and definitely a nice glass of Scotch whisky. I appreciate good food, traveling, facials and massages, fitness and being in the company of my loved ones.

My passion for writing has just been ignited with the birth of this blog with my other two childhood friends. Great things are about to happen with the dreamer and the travel-junkie.

 Tanuja the Dreamer

TanujaStarting a just-for-fun blog has always been a dream of mine ever since my love affair with blogs began as I was planning my wedding back in 2010. The sheer volume of ideas out there inspired and intrigued me. Thank you, fellow bloggers! At the time, I thought that once my wedding was over, so would my ‘addiction’ to blogs. That (clearly) was not the case. Here’s a peek into all that’s gorgeous in my world.

I fancy all things pretty – red lipstick and winged liners, beaded dresses and intricate lace. Oh, and I’m also a lover of strong coffee and relaxed brunches. When I’m not busy scouring the web for more beauty, my time is spent in the lab examining cancer cells and writing my thesis. I cannot wait to graduate with a PhD in Immunology at the end of 2013.

P.S. I’m also a Leo!

Su Yi the Travel-junkie

Su YiThe only non-Leo of the trio. I’ve recently moved back ‘home’ to Kuala Lumpur, after spending almost a third of my life on the little red dot south of Malaysia. Always on the lookout for new avenues of re-discovering KL – from exploring the many eateries and cafes in town to uncovering new local indie music acts. I enjoy great conversations over good coffee or ice cream (not mutually exclusive).

A self professed travel-junkie. When not in the office working on spreadsheets and numbers, you’ll most likely find me poring over food blogs or travel sites/magazines/books plotting my next travel destination.

Contact Us

Thank you for stopping by our little blog. We love receiving reader emails (we check our inbox more often than we’d like to admit!) and will do our best to reply all of them. Please feel free to ask us questions, give suggestions and exchange ideas. If you’re interested in advertising or doing a guest post, please also email to let us know. Write to us at peoniesandpancakes@yahoo.com.


Michelle, Su Yi & Tanuja


3 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. I forgot to mention that since you guys are in Malaysia starting in December there will be three hotels serving Black Ivory Coffee: Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort just outside Kuala Lumpur, Four Seasons in Langkawi and the Westin Hotel also in Langkawi. I hope this is helpful!

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