“Unfinished” Painted Walls

partially-painted-walls6I’ve been a long time admirer of fun things to do with paint and walls (case in point: here and here). And a neat partially painted wall is definitely tops! Don’t you just love the clean lines of that bold green and calming white that Emily used in her guest bedroom?

But lately I’ve been digging the unfinished-looking paint job. It’s a little imperfect and oozes personality (hmm, the wall oozes personality?). Well, perhaps not the wall but you, the person who painted the wall. Still, am I brave enough to do this in my own home? It could come off looking silly instead of cool, right? What do you think?

Here are four looks, for inspiration : )

partially-painted-walls4 partially-painted-walls2 partially-painted-walls partially-painted-walls5

PS. Polka dot walls!

(Images from Style by Emily Henderson, Curiously Colourful, Spicer and Bank, Remodelaholic and Ideas to Steal)



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