5 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer


How often have you faced this problem? You spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive bottle of perfume only to have the scent vanish in an hour or two. Spraying on pulse points seems to be common practice but is that the best way to do it?. I recently sat down with Prachi Saini – the beauty and brains behind Je t’aime Perfumery Singapore – over a cup of coffee to talk about perfumes. Saini was happy to share her knowledge about perfumes, creating your own signature scent and the many steps involved in perfumery.

Here are a few things I learnt about how to make perfume last longer.

1. Be wise when choosing scents
Perfumes are found in different groups. Look out for for descriptions like woody, spicy or oriental as these last longer. Citrus and floral scents, while brighter and more feminine than the above, need to be refreshed more often.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
Fragrance lasts longer on moisturised skin, so make sure you skin is hydrated. You could also use an unscented body oil.

3. Store it well
It’s best to keep your perfume bottles in a cool, dark place away from any humidity. The scents of precious oils become altered when exposed to extreme temperatures. Also, this goes without saying – make sure the lid is on securely!

4. Where to spray
If it’s cold where you are, go ahead and spray perfume directly onto moisturised skin. However, those of us living in the tropics will be better off spraying perfume on our clothes. This is because the perfume spritzed on our skin will evaporate quickly due to our higher body temperature.

5. Layer Fragrances

It’s a good idea to layer fragrances. Start with a scented body wash followed by a body lotion and finally, the perfume. My only warning – don’t layer too many fragrances. Stick to complimentary scents or to be safe, use the same scent. Many companies offer sets such as this so you can’t go wrong.

And there you have it. What is your favourite perfume? We’d love to hear…


Pampered in Jo Malone

I had the most amazing time with my friends the other day. During the week, and most weekends, you can find us in a science lab, donning our not-too-fashionable, over-sized lab coats (why oh why don’t they make smaller lab coats?). We’re usually looking down a microscope, dissecting mice or treating cells in a sterile hood. But this day was different! Oh yes. We shunned our lab coats for jeans and make up (yes, that’s dolled up in our books) and hit Pavilion for a lil’ pampering and fun.


The highlight of our day – Jo Malone. Here we were treated to macaroons and fresh croissants. The friendly (and very knowledgeable) staff also gave us a luxurious hand massage, explaining each product used as they went along. Why all this special treatment, you ask? Actually, the lovely people at Jo Malone are happy to give out hand massages to anyone interested. And I strongly suggest you head on over, if you haven’t already done so. The macaroons and croissants, well those were special, just for us, because we’ve become such loyal customers.



Ahh.. those fab macaroons and croissants. I’m wanting more.

Macaroons and Croissants

Did you know that Jo Malone was first a facial therapist? She started making perfumes as a way of allowing her customers to continue pampering themselves at home. As it turned out, one of her clients’ daughter was getting married and she was on the hunt for a unique gift for their wedding guests. The story goes that this client was relaxing in her bathtub, enjoying Jo Malone’s products when the idea struck her – Why not ask Jo Malone to make the gifts? At first, Miss Malone was hesitant. After all, she made the perfumes by hand, at home. It would take a lot of work to make all those gifts. Luckily, she finally agreed. Out of the 100 guests who received the perfumes, 87 came back asking for more. The rest, as they say, is history. I’m in love, too.

Here I am, taking my time to enjoy each scent. I discovered my favourite.


Vanilla & Anise. It’s spicy and a little masculine but still, very feminine. Am I making any sense? I love the scent as it’s not overly sweet or floral. And oh, those little flowers on the vanilla vine, the main ingredient of this perfume, are a rare find. Apparently, only one or two appear in the morning and vanish by late afternoon. How amazing.

But now, back to the lab. At least we’ll smell amazing : )