Favourite Links This Week

Hello everyone! What’s your weekend been looking like? I’ve been having a most relaxing time. Two of my favourite TV series are back and I’m planning to catch up on a few missed episodes while snacking on chocolate. Ahh. Simple pleasures. Also, I just recently watched 12 Years a Slave. I know I know. I’m late. But I did love it. Have you seen it already? You must. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few finds from around the web. Enjoy… Link Love 32

1. I just can’t believe that these are wax figures. Could have fooled me!
2. A very clever idea indeed about how to start decorating a blank room.
3. Ready for a getaway? These places make me feel like planning a holiday.
4. Or maybe I should save money and get a studio on this ship. It’s a private residential cruise that travels the world. Crazy and kinda amazing!
5. A beautiful beautiful elopement.