Favourite Links This Week

OMG! I’m just awful at this. This post comes a day late (again!). Looks like Sundays are just full full full for us. Note to self: Schedule these posts in the future. But in my defence, I have a really legit reason. My Mom flew back from America – for good! She’d been living there for the past three years but is now home : ) And we couldn’t be happier. A new chapter begins. The weekend was spent lounging about in my grandparent’s home with her. But what did you get up to my lovelies? Hope it was wonderful. And here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Link-Love-351. Woah! If you’re in need to really getaway from it all, the Amangiri Hotel is just the place. Absolutely beautiful.
2. When you’ve got only a few everyday blooms but want to make a dramatic piece, here’s how.
3. Create a wallpaper look with just geometric stencils and a lot a patience.
4. So I’ve read that washing hair often is bad – strips natural oils yadda yadda but I’m the kinda girl who can’t go more than two days without shampoo. This was an interesting read though.
5. Yummy! Cap’n Crunch chocolate chip cookies.


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