Happy birthday!

tashna birthdayHappy birthday to my beautiful sister! You have been the absolute best to grow up with. I couldn’t ask for a better person to have shared all those years with and am so glad we’re as close as we are. Though I wish you were closer geographically. Please work on that : ) Oh we’ve been through so many great times…

Like our days in Melbourne. Remember shopping on the weekends, pizzas and gelati on Lygon, choc chip cookies and The O.C. on Wednesdays? in-melbourneAnd let’s not forget our trips to Thailand. Markets, spicy food, temples and spas. What amazing memories! Mummy really went out of her way to give us the best and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Let’s plan another trip soon.ringing-the-bells thailandPlus you were there during one of the most crazy, hectic and wonderful times of my life – wedding planning. It feels like just yesterday when we were emailing pictures of dresses and flower arrangements to each other. Thank you for making the whole process so enjoyable and thank you for the back massage! See, you’re the best. back-rubmy-weddingI love you.


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