10 Things To Do Alone

alone in siem reapI remember the day clearly. My mom and I were walking around a mall when suddenly, she bumped into an old friend. Naturally, they wanted to grab a cuppa coffee together but there was a tiny problem: me. I was only around 11 at the time and clearly, didn’t want to spend my time listening to my mom and her friend reminisce about the good ol days. So I put on my most pitiful face and made a plea Please mom, let me go watch a cartoon in the cinema. It worked and off I went to buy a ticket and watch a movie all by myself. Like a grown up. Sitting in the theatre, it occurred to me that I’d never done anything like this alone. And I liked it. A lot.

Since then, I absolutely love being alone. Sure, some activities are best enjoyed with the company of others but I do enjoy hanging out with just moi. So here are the ten things I love doing by myself.

1. Chill at a quaint cafe – Bring a book if you’re new to the whole ‘being by yourself’ game but just bring yourself if you really want to enjoy.

2. Catch a movie at the cinema – A habit I picked up at 11.

3. Wander through a museum – Something I had to do because none of my friends wanted to join me : (

4. Create an at home spa – Relish in putting on a face mask, painting your nails and soaking your hair in coconut oil.

5. Visit art galleries – Going alone means you can spend as long as you like staring at a painting you love and simply skip the ones you don’t fancy.

6. Go shopping – And splurge on you.

7. Cook something fancy – Bring out that recipe you’ve bookmarked/pinned, you know the one that requires thirty ingredients and takes 3 hours to prepare, and make it slowly. Enjoying every minute.

8. Or treat yourself to a fancy meal – Get dressed up, feel confident enough to sit at a table alone. Order a meal and savour each bite. Don’t fear that people are staring and wondering if your date stood you up. Who cares?

9. Dance – Get lost in the music and rhythm. Look silly. There’s no one to judge ya.

10.  Take a class – Always wanted to learn something? A new language, art or vocal lessons, maybe a writing workshop? Stop saying you’re too busy and just go do it.

Do you love being by yourself? What would you venture off and do?


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