Celebrities In Historical Paintings

jack-black-paul-revereWhat are the odds? These 8 celebrities look surprisingly similar to some famous potraits from the 17th, 18th and 19th century. The one above is of Jack Black and Paul Revere, an American patriot who famously alerted Colonial militia of approaching British soldiers.

And check out Jesse Tyler Ferguson looking exactly like Vincent Van Gogh. LOL! jesse-tyler-and-van-goghHere are six more jaw-dropping lookalikes…

adrien-and-john-locke{Adrian Brody and 17th century English philosopher John Locke}mark-zuckerberg-and-don-ferdinando{Mark Zuckerberg and King Phillip IV of Spain}paul-giamatti-and-william-shakespear{Paul Giamatti and William Shakespeare}rupert-and-sir-david{Rupert Grint and 19th century Scottish painter Sir David Wilke}ted-danson-andrew-jackson{Ted Danson and Andrew Jackson}keanu-and-louis-maurice{Keanu Reeves and 19th century French actor Paul Monet}

Isn’t this funny? Maybe they’re long lost relatives!

(Images from Mashable)


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