Favourite Links This Week

Sunday is almost over and I’ve been meaning to post this since 8am this morning. But the I can do it later attitude kicked in. In my defence, I had a good reason. I’ve spent every hour (save for that spent on breakfast and lunch) on patching up my thesis and I’m happy to report that it’s been a productive day. It’s always so fulfilling going to bed knowing you’ve had a useful day, isn’t it? What about you? What did you get up to this weekend? Something great, I hope. And as always, here are 5 fun links just for you.

Link Love 301. Cords! How pesky and ugly. Now you can get rid of cords safely and plop your lamp anyway with no worries.
2. Emma (of A Beautiful Mess) spoke so honestly about her struggles and of changing dreams. Truly inspiring.
3. Would you spend $1200 on pajamas? Does it help if its made of italian cashmere?
4. I’m going to whip up a delicious pasta using this recipe.
5. A fun DIY project: gold leaf art. Simple enough and so pretty.

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