Favourite Links This Week

Hello everyone! What did you get up to for Valentines? Are you one of those who likes roses and a fancy dinner out or do you detest paying bucket loads for flowers and instead prefer a home-cooked meal? Jon and I decided to stay in this year – as we do every year. We cooked a lovely dinner (baked salmon, salad and this soup), lit candles and talked : ) It was perfect! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend and here are some fun reads from around the web. Enjoy…

Link Love 29

1. What an interesting design! This would make saying hi to a hot stranger so much easier.
2. Red velvet cake milkshake. Need I say more?
3. This super colourful crazy house looks like something out of a bizarre dream. But it exists!
4. I love Charlie Chaplin and the letter he wrote to his brother just before he made it huge in the business is just really sweet.
5. Oh so pretty! I fell in love with this Prada dress Lea Seydoux wore during the 64th Berlinale International Film Festival.


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