Brain Orgasms

peaceful sleepSo I read an interesting piece in the latest Oprah magazine about ASMR, short for autonomous sensory meridian response. Apparently, there are people, millions of people, who experience a sort of tingling or tickly feeling which spreads through their head, scalp and back by listening to certain sounds. They call it brain orgasms. In fact, it’s so relaxing that most are asleep within minutes. Even insomniacs swear by it!

Of course, this sounded too good to be true. And since I have trouble falling asleep some nights, ASMR was something that needed my attention. First stop: YouTube. Here I discovered scores of videos of women whispering into the camera. Most are role-playing experiences such as facials, haircuts and such… like this and this. Each looked a little more iffy than the next but in the name of research, I had to check a few out at least. Ten minutes later, I was still wide awake. Next stop: Wikipedia. I learn that there’s no legit science backing ASMR but as Tom Stafford, a professor at the University of Sheffield, says, “It might well be a real thing, but it’s inherently difficult to research.” So this means we can’t rule out ASMR as utter hogwash. 

The article in Oprah says everyone has different triggers so perhaps soft-spoken spa role-play just isn’t mine. But goodness me, I don’t think I can go through any more of these videos to discover what may work. Still, I’m curious. Have you heard of ASMR? Have you tried it before? And did it work for you?

(Photo from Flickr)


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