A Long Weekend

long-holiday-weekendOne of the best things about living in Malaysia is all our holidays! Thanks to the many races that live in our beautiful country, holidays are the norm. We just celebrated Chinese New Year and enjoyed a really really long weekend because of it. There’s nothing like having a stretch of days ahead of you with absolutely no plans other than to do all the things you enjoy – like visiting family, going out for reunion dinners with friends, reading books for hours on end (I’m reading this one now)… you get the idea. But the days whizzed by and now I must get back to work. Although, come Friday I’ll be off to Singapore to spend a few days with my sister. Yay! I just can’t wait. Just two more days and I’ll be there. My sis and I see each other fairly often but it’s not often that we get to hang out just the two of us. And there’s definitely something special about that. We’ve got all our days planned and it’s gonna be fun fun fun.

What did you get up to this past weekend, lovelies?


3 thoughts on “A Long Weekend

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