A Colourful Test

stroop-test-1-editedLumosity sent over an email last night with this really fun test. Have you taken it before? Quickly try to identify colour of each of the above words (don’t read them). Say the colors out loud. It’s harder than you think.

I’m not very pleased to say that I messed up on quite a few. Darn this Stroop Test (that’s what it’s called btw). Apparently your right brain tries to say the colour but your left brain insists on reading the way so you’ve got yourself a game of tug-of-war there. As Lumosity says, “Because most people’s automatic response is to read a word, the Stroop Test is a classic test of response inhibition. This skill involves responding quickly while avoiding incorrect impulses that may interfere with accomplishing goal-driven tasks.”

Want to improve your skills? Lumosity has a gazillion wonderfully fun games to work out that brain!


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