What Do You Do When You’re Stressed?

dreamerWe’re exactly half way through January, folks! Before we know it, the first month of 2014 would have passed us by. I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling like time is moving too quickly. I have all these grand plans and goals and dreams that I want to achieve this year that I sometimes feel like shouting to Earth, “Hey, don’t turn so fast. Please!” Do you feel this way sometimes? Do you feel like there’s a never ending list of things to do? It can get a little overwhelming at times and when this happens, I have a few go-to’s that are sure to get me feeling relaxed once more. The trick for me do something that forces me to stop thinking, thinking, thinking. Here’s my list. Share yours with me. I’d love to hear.

1. Talking to Jon. He’s always so understanding and always, always manages to put things back into perspective such that I no longer stress. I’m one lucky gal!
2. Reading a great novel in bed. I just finished this book and absolutely loved it.
3. Listening to classical music (or the soundtrack to Skyrim – it rocks).
4. Watching romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally or As Good as It Gets.
5. Going through my list of bookmarked blogs one by one. So satisfying!
6. Baking cookies. Or brownies. Basically, anything with chocolate in it. Then, eating it.
7. Penning my thoughts. Sometimes just getting it down on paper helps.
8. Exercising.
9. Planning my dream holiday – with no budget – just for the fun of it.
10. Scouring Pinterest.

(Photo from Flickr)


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