Favourite Links This Week

What are your plans for this Sunday, my dears? I’m having my grandparents over for dinner today and it’s a big deal because it’s not very often that they come to our home. It’s always us who are gathering at their place for functions, parties, dinners and family gatherings. So although it’s almost the middle of January, I’ve left my Christmas tree up just so they can see it in person. Hehe… And I’m planning to cook dinner from scratch. Have a menu all planned. Will share recipes, if it turns out yummy. But for now, after a long hiatus, here’s our round-up of favourite links just for you. I hope you enjoy! Have a happy Sunday.

Link Love 26

1. Beautiful photography that will make you ooh and ahh.
2. I know you’ll be tempted to check this out. The world’s first wearable smart vibrator.
3. Want to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Here are 5 ways to achieve just that.
4. It’s not too early to start shopping for the perfect Valentine’s gift. I’m loving this personalised 3 letter initial stamped necklace. It’s dainty and pretty.
5. Or this might do the trick! Not your typical Valentine’s gift but I’d be happy to receive this milk and sugar set. The sugar never falls out! Watch a video of how it works. Genius!


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