Favourite Links This Week

It’s exactly 10 days to Christmas! Are you looking forward to the holidays as much as I? We finally put up our tree (a little late, I know) and I can’t wait to share pics with you soon. Family is slowly checking in from all over the world and then, the merriment begins! Since I’m very much in the holiday spirit, today’s favourite links have a lot to do with beautiful make up looks for parties and gifts for those you love. Speaking of gifts, we’ll begin our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide next week. I know you’ve probably had your fair share of gift guides already but hey, if you’re a last minute shopper (like I am), you might be interested in ours : )

Link Love 24

1. A perfect cat eye never falls outta fashion. Nail the look with these steps and look super chic at all the upcoming Christmas parties.
2. Ok, so this is a gift I’m yearning for. Ferragamo’s bow wallet in a rich violet colour is absolutely beautiful and would match my neon peach handbag perfectly (yes, I like everything to be colour coordinated).
3. Is it just me or does Scarlett Johansson sound like Adele? Listen.
4. If you’re in search of inspiration, here are 30 of the best party hairstyles.
5. And just because we’re avid readers, you’ll love this list of the best book covers of 2013.


2 thoughts on “Favourite Links This Week

  1. it does sounds like Adele when she did lower notes….. prob a good alternative while waiting Adele to churn out her new album. but i do give Scarlett some credits.. wonderful voice!

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