What Do You Daydream About?

day dreamer

So I’ve got to ask… Do you daydream? As a child, I’d sit on a swing, perfectly content, and make up songs about faeries and other magical creatures (although,  I’d swear they were real!). Very often, I’d picture elaborate scenes full of pirates and mermaids and princesses and castles and get lost for hours in my own dreamland. Now, I would call myself a realistic dreamer. I never want to stop daydreaming (where’s the fun in that?) but it’s important to have one’s head firmly screwed on. Here are a few things I often find flitting into my mind.

1. Going on an extended holiday around Europe. More specifically: Italy and Ireland.
2. Finding my perfect perfume (which lasts).
3. Growing old with Jon.
4. Forging stronger relationships with family and friends.
5. Meeting Michael Jackson (sob sob).
6. Running a super successful business.
7. Having the right thing to say at the right time.
8. Being an inspiration.
9. Owning an Elie Saab dress and having a party grand enough to wear it to.
10. Living in the same country as my sister (I miss her).

What about you? I’d love to hear : )

(Photo from This Is Not My Life Forever, edited)


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