The Power of Perseverance

winston churchillI’m on an exciting new adventure. I’m in the process of dreaming up a great idea. Each day it gets bigger and more beautiful and it’s my hope that someday (in the not too far future) this idea will be the core of a great business. So for now, I’m planning and learning all I can to make my vision of a start-up come true. I’m reading this book which has totally changed the way I think about creating a sustainable business.

But it also reminded me of something I read awhile back. When it comes to developing a new skill and then putting it into practice, are you a Dabbler, Stressor or Master?

successI think I’m more of  a Stressor but it’s my goal to be a calm, cool and collected Master. As Mr. Churchill said, “Never never never give up.”

(Photo of Winston Churchill from The Telegraph)


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