Botanical Prints

botanical-printsGranted, botanical prints aren’t new on the decor scene, but I’ve recently been loving them as an affordable way to have art at home. Original artwork is lovely (and as you know, we try our best to be collectors of pieces we love) but anyone can create a gallery wall of botanical prints for next to nothing! A simple online search will lead you to a million wonderful images of flowers or herbs. Just select the ones you love and click print. Frame them and voilà! You can also find amazing prints here and here. Of course, Etsy is a great source – I’m loving the illustrations and prints found in the shops Natura Prints and My Sunshine Vintage.

botanical-prints-dining-roombotanical-print-1The prints lend a vintage, casual vibe, don’t you agree? I think it would look perfect around the dining table or in the kitchen.

PS. More affordable art – this will get your guests talking!

(Photos from Pernille Møller Folcarelli (top and bottom), Vibeke Design and Attic Mag)


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