Luxurious Resorts For Cheap

slideshow_oceanHave you heard of The Luxe Nomad? It’s a dream come true for travellers. The website offers the most wonderful selection of hotels and resorts at huge discounts. Fancy your very own swimming pool or personal butler? Looking for a private island or even a stay at a chateau in France? No problem. The good folks behind The Luxe Nomad has it all and they’re offering these places at up to 70% off the usual rate. No kidding. ow we can all live like kings and queens (for a few days, at least)!

Here are my top three picks of resorts on sale now:

rayavadee 1 rayavadee 2rayavadee 4rayavadee 3{Rayavadee in Krabi, Thailand}

japamala resort 1 japamala resort 2 japamala resort 3 japamala resort 4{Japamala Resort in Tioman Island, Malaysia}

song saa private island 1 soong sa private island 2 soong sa private island 3 soong sa private island 4 soong sa private island 5{Song Saa Private Island in Sihanoukville, Cambodia}

Which would you stay in? I’m ogling that private island. How wonderful! Thumbs up, The Luxe Nomad!


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