Dallas Buyers Club


The new movie Dallas Buyers Club looks incredibly fascinating. It’s set to be released on the 1st of November in the U.S. but there’s no news when or if it’ll be shown in Malaysia (sob!). The film is based on an article about Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) which was published in the Dallas Morning News in 1992. Diagnosed with HIV in the late 1980s and given just 30 days to live, Ron started a battle with powerful pharmaceutical companies and medical establishments in his search for effective treatment. After the medication given to him in hospital nearly brought him to the brink of death, Ron began smuggling anti-viral medications from all over the world, still illegal in the U.S., to help other HIV-positive people. Soon, patients were lining up to get their hands on Ron’s medications which clearly angered the FDA and pharmaceutical companies. Watch to find out what happens…

Will you see it?

(Photo from Variety)


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