Vacation Rentals: One Fine Stay

one fine stay londonIf you’re anything like me, you’ll love One Fine Stay. It’s a great site that curates a collection of high-end homes and apartments, giving them the hotel makeover, for you to rent and enjoy while traveling. Each place comes with all the perks of a hotel, maybe more. You’ll find great linen, extravagant toiletries, towels, free wifi – but with the perks of living in someone else’s place while they are out of town – a more spacious place, a kitchen to cook in and so on. And check this out: You even get a free iPhone to use while you’re on holiday to call your friends and use Google map. How cool! You might be in a foreign city but this will certainly make you feel right at home.

Here are two of my favourite places…

one fine stay paris 1 one fine stay paris 2 one fine stay paris 3This chic getaway in Rue Beranger, Paris is perfect for the romantic couple who wants a dose of luxury.

one fine stay new york soho 1 one fine stay new york soho 2 one fine stay new york soho 3one fine stay new york soho 4An apartment in Soho, Downtown, New York. I’m loving the industrial look with distressed wood floors and rustic kitchen. Plus all that sunlight streaming into the bedroom is lovely!

One Fine Stay has also wonderful finds in Los Angeles and London with plans to feature more cities in 2014. I feel like packing my bags and booking a place now! What about you? Where would you go?


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