Favourite Links This Week

What a wonderful weekend it’s been so far! First I caught up with a friend from Singapore over coffee then spent hours talking to Michelle and Su Yi while enjoying brunch in The Good Batch. The food was good; the company even better. Isn’t this what weekends are made for? How’s yours been coming along? I hope you’re having a great time too and here are a couple of fun reads for you…

Link-Love-161. I want to go to Bangkok just so I can stay here. The photos are almost unbelievably beautiful.
2. Want to know the 14 things successful people do on weekends? I’m happy to report (and a little relieved) that I tick almost all.
3. Watched Gravity a few days ago and now, I feel like trying my hand at galaxy nails. It’s easy.
4. Don’t want to go to lengths to create a cool halloween costume? Just get this dress from Topshop and you’re done.
5. This ‘love’ sign would be perfect for a wedding. Later, hang it in the living room or over your bed as a reminder of that wonderful day.


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