Travel: The City Of Siem Reap

I’m still daydreaming about our wonderful holiday to Siem Reap. Forgive me for going on about it but those 5 days were so relaxing and fun! We ate a lot, and worked our legs adventuring around the temples but also spent days just walking around the streets of Siem Reap. When we got tired, we stopped for a beer and/or juice and then carried on again. With just a small map, given to us by the hotel, we opted not to travel by tuk-tuk (the common mode of transport) and instead, walked everywhere. I’m so happy we did because this way, we got to discover so many cool spots and meet people. Of course, a trip to Siem Reap isn’t complete without a proper tour of Angkor Wat but the town itself has so much to offer.

alleyways-in-siem-reap bicycles-for-rent-in-siem-reapIf all the walking kills your feet but you’d still rather explore the tiny alleyways, then rent a bicycle for less than $1 a day. It’s a great way to cover the city.


There are a million lovely restaurants scattered around town but a trip wouldn’t be complete without some hawker food. Just make sure to check that the place looks clean before you order. Shopping is also something you shouldn’t miss out. The markets are full of cookie-cutter t-shirts and traditional Cambodian pants (I got myself a pair and am loving it!) but if you stray off the beaten path, you’ll find great boutiques offering one-of-a-kind pieces and interesting designs.

As night draws close, the city becomes even more vibrant. Jon and I went during monsoon season so it rained almost every day. This meant that the moats surrounding Angkor Wat were filled to the brim and looking even more beautiful. Plus, the days were much cooler than usual which made for an even more comfortable walk around the temples. But, roaming around the city got a little messy.

siem-reap-town3tuk-tuksStill, that didn’t deter us. I simply brought out my trusty umbrella, rolled up my jeans and carried on. As a bona fide tourist must. Every travel website and book will tell you to visit the Old Market during the day but be sure to check out the markets at night when different shops open for business.

pork-sausages salted-fishThen stop at a cafe to simply sit and take it the sights and sounds. Or, as many tourists do, go for a “fish massage”. We found this sign hilarious.

drfishsiem-reap-town1me-in-siem-reapAhh, Siem Reap! I will miss you.


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