Travel: Eat + Drink

Angkor Wat was fabulous (we’ll save that for another day) but Siem Reap has some serious food to offer. I feel like all we did, besides roam those ancient temples, was eat. Breakfast was served each day at the hotel and we couldn’t have been happier with the quality of food and spread offered. A selection of local fresh fruits, homemade jam, croissants, honey and yogurt, eggs cooked to your liking, strips of bacon… I could go on. The staff were also so friendly and attentive that it just made the experience much more memorable.

breakfast-at-navutu breakfast-at-navutu-2Sometimes we ate so much for breakfast that we skipped lunch, belly’s still full. But as evening drew close, we’d jump into our Tuk Tuk and head out to town. You don’t have to venture far from Pub St and the alleys close by to discover great culinary options. Sure, we could have had fish & chips or a steak but we decided to eat as the locals do and ordered mainly Khmer cuisine. Which was amazing!

pork-dishgreen-curry-dishamok-+-khmer-kitchensweet-+-sour-tonle-sap-fish-+-khmer-kitchenThe famous Amok (delicious fish curry cooked with egg) became Jon’s favourite. After having ordered the dish in at least four different restaurants, we can safely say that Khmer Kitchen serves up the best Amok in town.

khmer-kitchen street-with-restaurants-in-sieam-reapPub St is really packed full of inviting restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Happy hours are unheard of here. There are only happy days. A mug of beer costs just US 50 cents! We’re not kidding. But beware, an order of Anchor beer might get you a can of Angkor (the local brand) which tastes a little stronger and sweeter. As for me, well you know, I had to order coffee.

coffee-at-red-pianoBut it was served rather interestingly. Instead of milk on the side, there was coffee. Perhaps this is done so you can control how strong you want your coffee to be. In any case, it was good and I was happy!

happy-with-coffeeAnd then! One night, the electricity went off all over town. It was pitch dark. Waiters came around with candles to light up the place and after the initial shock, everyone calmly settled down to a candlelight dinner.

blackout-in-siem-reapWhat a fun holiday! Have any of you been to Siem Reap? Which restaurants are your faves? Do tell…


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