Return-Address Stamps

custom-rubber-address-stamps-1custom-rubber-address-stamps-2I hardly (make that, never) write handwritten letters anymore. Isn’t that sad? When I was a kid, my grandma (who still lives just an hours drive away – yay!) and I used to write each other letters. Sometimes we’d have to stop telling each other what we had written in the letter as we spoke over the phone since we knew the letter would reach only days later. My grandma initiated the idea thinking it would better my penmanship, improve grammar and well, I’m sure she had many more reasons. Though it started out for practical reasons, we both soon grew to love writing to each other. I would get excited each time the postman arrived and rushed out to see if there was a letter for me. I can’t remember why or when we stopped writing (years later, I think) but I wish we hadn’t.

If I were getting back into the habit of writing letters the old-fashioned way (wouldn’t it be lovely to receive a handwritten letter?), I’d definitely order a custom return-address stamp. It looks so pretty, don’t you agree?

(The pictures above are from the Etsy shops Paper Sushi and Christine Marie B where you can order your return-address stamp)


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