How To Eat Sushi 101

I stumbled upon Ryoko Iwata’s pictorial guide on the 8 things worth knowing about eating sushi.


I love eating pickled ginger when I dine at Japanese restaurants. I never knew it was to cleanse the palate in between fish.


Eating sushi without wasabi is akin to eating curry mee without sambal. Always ask for fresh wasabi because what you normally find on the tables at Japanese restaurants is nearly always a mixture of horseradish and green colouring, with perhaps a little dry mustard, and possibly a tiny bit of real wasabi added in. Why? Cause it is a much cheaper alternative!


This is a nice handy guide on tuna. Nothing beats a fresh thick slice of tuna.


I can’t agree more that sushi is good for you. Always remember to dine at places that serves good and fresh sushi to avoid any food poisoning and contamination.
4What do you think? A pretty handy guide? Do you love eating sushi? And where do you like to dine? Tell all, I’d love to hear : )


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