Style Inspiration: Stacked Bracelets

I usually choose to wear just a single, delicate piece of jewellery – a thin silver chain with a diamond pendant or simple gold bracelet. But recently, I’ve been gravitating towards the idea of piling on accessoriess, more specifically, layering bracelets (with the occasional watch). It makes such a bold statement, wouldn’t you agree? Here are some images to get you inspired and below, my top three tips for rocking this style.

stacked-bracelets stacked bracelet with mens watch stacked-bracelets-2stacked-bracelets-3

Pretty! Pretty! Here are three tips for getting it right (based on my intense research into the matter).

Choose your colours
Figure out what you like. It might be metallics or bright colours (say, flamingo pink and orange!) or even neutrals. Colour blocking is also in right now so I would go with two complementary colours – orange and blue, purple and yellow?

Wear a watch
Dainty watches don’t work well, though. Choose manly ones.

Add texture
Toss in friendship bands and charm bracelets with chunky bangles plus that watch. It all adds to the style. And if you’re planning to stack ’em on both hands, try to do so in equal amounts or close to say 60/40. Defy this rule and it’ll end up looking a little strange, out of proportion. Also, this goes without saying, don’t leave one arm fully loaded and the other bare.

So now you’re ready! Go on and stack those bracelets : )

(Images from Wanderlust, Atlantic Pacific, Indigo Crossing and Classy In The City)


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