Travel Essentials

The days are drawing close and we’re getting more and more excited about hopping on a plane and beginning our holiday! In fact, packing has started. I’m one of those people who write a very precise list of everything that needs to be packed. God forbid I forget the hand phone charger or toothpaste! Horror! I also make a list of to-do’s before departure – water the plants, turn off electrical appliances and more. Here are some of my must-have items when going on a trip.  Travel-Essentials

1. A simple tee shirt dress that doesn’t crumple and looks really pretty.
2. Take a candle along for your holiday and make your room/bathroom smell amazing. Simple pleasures!
3. This leather tote by Fossil is big enough for the necessary umbrella, water bottle, book, sunscreen and more.
4. A great book to get lost in. You may remember that I loved Jeannette Walls’ last book and haven’t had the time to devour her latest, Silver Star. But not anymore!
5. You can’t forget a bright bikini!
6. Or a pair of sunglasses (esp ones like this with tortoiseshell frames).
7. Super comfy shoes that you can walk hours in. I’m packing my Converse. Bonus: They come in such amazing colours.
8. Last, but certainly not least, suncreen is a must. I cannot stress that enough. Must, must! And don’t forget to reapply ever so often.


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