Cambodia, Here We Come!

Buddhist_monks_in_front_of_the_Angkor_Watold market in siem reap

Vacations! I’ve got a massive love for visiting new places – taking in the sights and sounds, trying yummy (and sometimes, a little strange) food, observing fascinating cultures and meeting all sorts of people. My grandma and mom have probably visited more than half the world (maybe more) and I think they’ve passed the holidaying gene down to my sis and I. My list of must-see places is ever growing.

Angkor Wat has been on that list for as long as I can remember but pretty soon, I’ll get to cross that off. Jon and I are heading to Siem Reap for a short trip this week. Yay!! We’re both so excited. We can’t wait to explore the scores of temples and learn the history behind each one. It’ll also be great to just relax and unwind. Our lives can get rather hectic with running a business, meeting clients, and (for me) finishing my PhD so we knew we wanted a hotel that was a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After much research (see, I put my PhD skills to everyday good use), we settled on Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa which looks like an oasis! I mean, just look at these photos…

navutu dreams and spa cambodianavutu dreams and spa room cambodia

Have you been to Sieam Reap and visited Angkor Wat before? Any tips or suggestions on where to go, what to eat, perhaps the best spa? I’d love to hear! Am super excited : )

(Photos from Wikipedia, Demotix and Navutu Dreams Resort and Spa)


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