Favourite Links This Week

What are your plans for this sunny Sunday my dears? We had the most relaxing Saturday – sleeping in, watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot and planning our upcoming trip (more details soon!). Today I’ve set aside time to edit my thesis (why does this process take forever, sigh) and later in the evening, we’re having dinner with family. What a lovely weekend! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few finds from around the web. Enjoy…


1. Who knew that some of the most famous animated Disney characters were based on real-life actors. Interesting!
2. I’m forever ordering masala tea at local Indian restaurants. I love it and have tried replicating the drink at home several times to no avail. But! This recipe looks simple enough that I’m going to give it shot. Here’s hoping it does the trick.
3. What a cool decor item – Moss terrariums and other small worlds. These would make a perfect gift. (PS. Buy me one!)
4. Need I say more? Nail art inspired by The Great Gatsby. Watch the video to steal the look.
5. OMG! Emma of A Beautiful Mess painted her living room black. And it’s gorgeous. I would never have dared to take such a bold step but am really loving the results. More pictures here.


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