Let’s Talk About Eyeglasses

Anne Hathaway with GlassesDoesn’t Anne Hathaway look simply gorgeous in this photo? Some might say, in spite of those glasses. But I think a large part has got to do with those glasses. They add to her beauty.

At the age of 17, I was told I needed glasses. Far from being upset, at the time, I thought wearing them were cool. Believing, in my teenage way (and very naively, might I add), that people would think me smart just because I had glasses on. Plus, it was like an accessory to me. The closest thing to jewelry, in fact, since my parents didn’t allow me to wear real jewelry at just 17. But the allure of glasses faded very fast. By the time I got to university, needing to wear them became more of a burden than pleasure. Out of school and without all those rules to follow, I wanted to experiment with fancy eye makeup (makeup was strictly a no-no in my school) but my glasses were getting in the way. So what’s a girl to do? I shoved those glasses away and switched to contacts.

My great plan didn’t last for long. It turned out, wearing contacts for hours on end irritated my eyes. A trip to my trusted ophthalmologist put an end to my dependence on contact lenses. I was told to wear them sparingly and was forced to return to the dreaded glasses. What shattering news!

But, I refused to go back to my boring old pair and so began the anxious search of something better. Wanting to mask the fact that I was wearing glasses in the first place, I settled on a pair of frame-less glasses. And while those turned out to be a little too fragile for me, I kept on wearing them – For the sake of beauty, I told myself. Then one day, a few years later, I just stopped caring so much. Dare I ask, had I grown up? After all, it’s silly to put so much effort and thought into a trivial matter like glasses when there are so many other more important things to spend time on. Now, when I go shopping for glasses I choose not based on what I think others will say – It doesn’t matter if they think I look nerdy or smart, fashionable or off-trend. I buy whichever I like. Simple.

Now if only I looked as good as Anne in glasses : )

This is the one I want now – Gucci glasses. Do you wear glasses? Here’s a great guide to finding the right pair of glasses for your face shape.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Eyeglasses

    • Hi Shac, I agree with that. I think I look smarter with glasses on as well. But what I meant to say was that I silly-ly (hmm, I think I just made up a word) thought that other people would think I’m smart just because I was wearing glasses. Coz this isn’t that case at all. And it certainly isn’t a good reason to want to wear them in the first place. Still, it’s wonderful to hear you enjoy wearing your glasses : )

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