14 Memorable Business Cards

I love receiving a new business card. I believe it says a great deal about that person and how they approach their business. Is it boring or current? Well made? Is it of good quality or have they just hurriedly printed it out at home? Have they put a lot of thought into design and font and colour (those things matter a lot to me)? And most importantly, does it stand out from the rest?

These business cards are definitely among the best I’ve seen.

Business-Card---Body-Coach Business-Card---Body-Coach2 Business-Card---yoga-intrsuctor{For physical trainers and yoga instructors}

Business-Card-Cosmetic-Surgery Business-Card-Dentist{For doctors}

Business-Card--hairdresser3 Business-Card--hairdresser{For hairdressers}

Business-Card-Cargo{For those in the shipping/cargo business}

Business-Card-Financial-Planner{For the financial consultant}

Business-Card--photographer{For a photographer}

Business-Card-writer{For the (jobless) writer. This made me laugh}

Business-Card-radio-presenter{For a radio presenter}

Business-Card-artist{For an artist}

business-card-taylor-london{And these are actually the business cards of a jewelry brand, Taylor London, but I think they’d be perfect for a florist}

Which is your favourite?


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