Happy ‘Merdeka’ Day!

malaysia homeThere’s definitely something special about the 31st of August. When I was just a child, my whole family would sit in front of the telly and watch the national parade. We’d marvel at the costumes and enjoy the marching band. We felt especially proud when Negaraku was played and although we were just in our living room, all of us joined in and sang along. National Day was a big celebration! In fact, I remember the whole month of August feeling festive. People would fly mini Malaysian flags from their cars antenna and hang larger ones in their gardens. The whole country was happy.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel that twenty years later, a lot has changed. That sense of excitement and celebration has been subdued a little. But I must say that despite it all, I love my country, its beauty and people. This is home.

So here’s to a relaxing, fun weekend! Let’s all enjoy the fireworks tonight : )

PS. The picture above is actually an art print from EinBierBitte’s Etsy shop. It’s on sale now!


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