Review: Rimmel Glam’Eyes Mascara

Rimmel-Mascara-2It’s safe to say that I’m a bit obsessed with long lashes. No matter how simple or bombastic your make up is, I think long, thick eyelashes always add to the look in a good way. I’ve watched my fair share of beauty videos by professionals to know the wonders of curling lashes before applying mascara but all that seems like a little too much work for me. Plus, the thought of accidentally clipping my eyelid while attempting to curl my lashes has put me off the idea for good. I realize the chances of this happening are slim, next to nothing with a bit of practice, but still… I’ll stick to mascara, thank you.

And so in my years of wearing make up, I’ve tried dozens of different mascaras. Some expensive and promising the world; others from the drug store. I just love the joy of new discovery and keep experimenting with different brands and formulas. But! Lately, I’ve been going back to one in particular. Let me introduce you to Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes mascara. What’s great about this mascara is its flexible applicator and short, stiff bristles. Those bristles are the key to mascara perfection as they coat each lash individually while separating them. You end up with volume without horrible clumps. And what I love the most is that your lashes look so real! Even touchable. Not at all stiff and mascara-y.

Rimmel-Mascara-Wand1Check out my before-and-after photos for proof.

Without-Mascara-On-(Before)With-Mascara-On-(After)Isn’t this kind of great? And for only about RM35 ($10), it’s real bang for your buck. Is there a mascara you’re currently loving? Do tell! Perhaps it’ll be the next one I try out.


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