I absolutely loved Juno. The story was interesting, the acting believable. But what I loved the most was the dialogue thanks to its writer, Diablo Cody. Did you watch it? If you haven’t, I seriously recommend it! Now, Cody is set to make her directorial debut with Paradise. She wrote it, too. Double yay!

This new movie follows Lamb (played by Julianne Hough), a young conservative woman whose faith is shaken after surviving a plane crash which burnt two-thirds of her body. After shocking her small-town congregation with her public renunciation of God, she heads off to Las Vegas to experience all the worldly pleasures so long denied her. There, she meets a bartender (Russell Brand) and a lounge singer (Octavia Spencer) who fast become her friends. Together, they go on wild adventures as they help Lamb check off as many deeds as possible from her Napkin of Sin bucket list.

The movie is set to be released in October and looks great, doesn’t it?

PS. Am also waiting to see this.


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