Painted Doors

I’ve been oogling painted doors recently. Yes, I told you I’m having a major fascination with colour (that’s why we went ahead and added these). And what would pop more than painting a door bright red? Or blue? Or pink? Ahh.. I’m spoilt for choice. What do you think?

Here are six beautiful options:

painted-door---black painted-door---purple red-doorpainted-door---light-bluegreen-door painted-door---yellow-2

Or maybe you can’t decide on just one colour? Go for two!painted-door---yellow-and-pinkAnd if painting a whole door is too much of a commitment, maybe these options would work.

alternative-to-painted-doorsWhat say you? Will you give it a try? I’m soooooo tempted. 

(Photo credits, from top: Marcus Design Inc; purple doors, credit unknown; Design Sponge; Cobi Style; Atelier Decor; yellow door – credit unknown; yellow and pink door – credit unknown; painted doorway, because im addicted, painted door edge, Peonies + Brass)


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