DIY Pillow Covers


As those of you who read this blog already know, I love colour! In fact, I’ve been plotting away and dreaming up ideas of infusing bright colour into our living room. At the moment, we’ve got a really neutral palette except for our latest addition – bright red and orange pillows. I’m proud to say that these pillow covers are the result of little DIY project. Though I have to admit that the person who sewed this together wasn’t me but my grandma (I love her!). Still, Jon and I searched high and low for pillow covers (make that bright pillow covers) that were beautiful and within our budget. Who knew that everything we fell in love with would be almost RM100? That’s a whopping RM600 we’d have to dish out just for our pillow covers! Heck no. We had to find an alternative.

So off we went to IKEA with the idea of buying cloth. We quickly settled on plain red fabric as the base. I knew my living room needed some pattern but the selection of patterned fabric at IKEA wasn’t doing it for me. Then… jackpot! I spotted a pair of ready-made curtains (the Lappljung curtains) and figured that would work perfectly. There was so much material we ended up only using one side of the curtain to make three pillow covers. I’m seriously considering turning the other side into a blouse. What can I say, I love the pattern. The only thing is, I’d have to make sure I don’t wear it at home and sit on my couch. That’d be hilarious!

So here’s the finished product:

Pillow-Covers-DIY-1Pillow-Covers-DIY-3Have any of you sewn pillow covers together? Tell me all about it! I’d love to hear.


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