The Long Overdue Birthday Post

Sometime at the beginning of this month, we celebrated my 29th birthday. It was a little scary turning 29 – it’s the last year in your twenties! Next year, i’ll hit the big 3-0. How exciting. I feel like I’ll be able to dish out a bit of advice then. Hopefully I’ll be seen as this wise youngish old woman : ) If that makes any sense.

We began the celebrations on saturday (my actual birthday) with a wonderful leisurely breakfast in the patio with my dad and sis. You all know how much I love a relaxed breakfast so this made me really happy. My sis was down from Singapore (yay!) so I spent most of the day with her but later in the evening, Jon met up with us for dinner. We were meant to go to Fa Ying for some Thai grub but since they didn’t have my fav dish that day as well as the one my dad ordered, we left in protest. This proved to be an unwise choice as we spent the next 15 mins walking around trying to get a table at other restaurants – all were booked full. Except for D’Italiane Kitchen at Paradigm Mall. According to my dads theory, an empty restaurant = not-so-yummy food (proof: right here). And had it not been that every single restaurant we tried turned us away, we would have skipped this place. But not today! We were delighted and relieved to be shown to our tables.

ditaliane-kitchen-paradigm-mall 1ditaliane-kitchen-paradigm-mall 2 PSditaliane-kitchen-paradigm-mall 3 ditaliane-kitchen-paradigm-mall 4 ditaliane-kitchen-paradigm-mall 5I’m a sucker for Italian food and looking back, I think it was meant to be that we ended up here. The food was amazing. Simple yet delicious. The ambiance was perfect – all that dim lighting and beautiful furniture made for great conversation. Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better, a surprise tiramisu birthday cake landed on my table.

ditaliane-kitchen-paradigm-mall 7They planned this while I popped out to receive a phone call (it was a little noisy in the restaurant). Sneaky family! The tiramisu was just as wonderful as the rest of the meal. The perfect finish.

IMG_1295Thank you for the most lovely day, family. I enjoyed every minute of it. Next up – 30! I can take this on.

PS. Sorry these photos are a little grainy, I only had my iphone with me.


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