House Plant: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

It’s inevitable that I love plants. My grandpa has a real green thumb and is forever growing roses, orchids, lilies, daises and even a neem tree in his garden. It looks like a page out of a fairy tale book so much so that people walking buy sometimes stop, ring the doorbell and ask to let their children take a walk around. My grandparents always oblige. They love sharing their work of beauty. When I was a little one myself, my grandpa used to teach me all the names of the plants. I’m proud to say that by the age of two, I could differentiate between different varieties of rose plants. Can’t say that I still can today, though : ( And sadly, I didn’t inherit my grandpa’s green thumb. In fact, I’ve sent quite a few plants to their death. It’s a serious matter.

Still, I’ve set my heart on a majestic indoor plant. One that adds drama and a sense of coziness. But (and this is a big but), it has to be a low-maintenance plant – barely needs water and thrives in sunlight. And I know just the plant that ticks all the boxes. It’s the fiddle leaf fig tree.

Here are a few photos of the gorgeous tree in action.

fiddle leaf fig tree 2 fiddle leaf fig tree 3 fiddle leaf fig tree 4Now I just need to go on a hunt. I haven’t seen this tree in Malaysia. Please tell me the nurseries have it. Please please please. I’ll keep you updated! For those of you living in the United States, IKEA sell it (lucky guys!).

(All images from Pinterest)


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