We Bought Art

As many of you already know, Jon and I simply adore art. Over the years, we’ve managed to collect a few pieces which we’re both madly in love with. Perhaps one day I’ll write about them. And we’ve got big dreams of adding many more wonderful works of art to our growing collection. Can’t wait! It’s so exciting.

Last week, we added a teeny lil piece to our collection. We received the package in the mail and boy, were we excited to open it up and check out our latest addition.  art packagingIt’s a Jacqueline Gomez original small art piece!

Ford Model T ACEO Jacqueline Gomez Ford Model T ACEO Jacqueline GomezSeeing as the size of this piece is 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches, the detail is truly remarkable. And you can see why for Jon, it was love at first sight. It’s a car! A Ford Model T, to be exact. I’d better get my facts right : ) We’re planning to frame it beautifully and hang it in our study which already has pops of bright red decor. Perfect.

Read how Jacqueline achieved this look here (it looks painstaking) and watch a video of her as she is interviewed by HyppTV. Some of her work is also for sale on Saatchi Online.


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