Favourite Links This Week

Hello lovelies, happy Sunday! Isn’t it a most gorgeous Sunday morning? Jon and I have just had a leisurely breakfast (English pancakes with honey and homemade marmalade jam and the strongest coffee). Soon, we’re off to an art gallery. What could be more fun? As always, here are some goodies from around the blogosphere.  Hope you have a rocking Sunday!

Link Love 91. With the really hot days we’ve been experiencing, I think this toasted coconut and pecan ice cream would be the perfect thing to make.
2. This is such a good idea: A camp just for adults and children with autism. How life changing!
3. Planning a fancy dinner party or a wedding? Wow your guests with these DIY floral napkin rings. So easy to make.
4. And speaking of rings, these minimalist, delicate gold rings would go with everything. I want!
5. I’m going on a holiday in September and am so tempted to get a new swimsuit. This one, to be exact. Doesn’t it remind you of something the girls on Mad Men would wear? Love.


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