Films For A Girls Night In

When I was younger, my friends and I organised ‘girls night in’ fairly regularly. In fact, it’s safe to say this was a weekly affair. We’d bake cookies, drink wine (or coffee, if cookies were available), put on a face mask, paint our nails, talk til the wee hours of the morning and of course, watch a great movie. It’s sad to say that the last time this happened was years ago, while in university. These days, life has gotten a little too busy. We organise a night out instead of one stayed at home. But there’s something special about chilling in your pj’s. Don’t you agree? I’m tempted to start this tradition again.

Back then, we loved a good movie recommendation (we’d seen so many!), so here are couple of my favorites.  This list isn’t in any particular order – all are equally lovely.

Movies for a Girls Night InHave you seen any of them? What are your go-to movies? And what fun activities do you plan when staying in with your gal pals? I’d love to hear.

PS. Another tradition I’ve been wanting to start but haven’t got around to doing so.


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