Baileys Chocolate Luxe

baileys chocolat luxeIt has taken three years and more than 830 failed experiments but the ultimate chocolate drink was officially launched today. I feel like skipping for joy. I’ve been a fan of Baileys ever since I took my first sip and to think that now, over 30g of Belgian chocolate has been added per bottle makes it even more amazing! Chocolate + Madagascan vanilla + Irish cream = Yum.

The team behind this creation certainly knew how to reveal the fabulous drink… in pure beauty and decadence at the Dennis Severs House (complete with a tiny golden steam train in the dining room).

baileys chocolat luxe dennis severs hosebaileys chocolat luxe tea roombaileys chocolat luxe dennis severs house + steam train

And just look at the beautiful marbling effect of Baileys Chocolate Luxe when mixed with a few drops of water.

Oh gosh, I just cannot wait to get my hands on a bottle. Perfect for Christmas!

(Images from Notcot.)


2 thoughts on “Baileys Chocolate Luxe

  1. Tanu! Get one for me when you saw this or buying one for yourself. No joke! thanks to ur blog i get to know this wonderful blend exist…. oh dear its in my wishlist now

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