A Home You Can Take With You

So let’s be clear. I’m not a car fan. My husband, on the other hand, is a major fan! And over the years, I’ve progressed from describing cars based on their colour to knowing a little more about the model, year of make, horsepower and such. Are you proud? I am! Still, I could not have been more excited when Jon showed me pictures of this baby.


It’s the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp! And that thing on the top is a folded roof-top tent. When open, it comfortably sleeps two. Isn’t this ingenious? mini-countryman-all-4-camp-photo-7_ open campmini-countryman-all-4-camp-photo-4 man on top

Wouldn’t this be perfect for a weekend trip to the nearby beach or mountain? Malaysia is full of gorgeous sites – imagine pristine beaches and lush rainforests. With this lil baby, all I have to do is climb upstairs and enjoy the view from my very own ‘bedroom’. Think of all the hassle and money saved for not having to find a hotel. I love the idea. What do you think?

(Pictures of the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp via Zigwheels)


2 thoughts on “A Home You Can Take With You

  1. Sadly i don’t think we can do it in Malaysia. i guess you will end up lying on a random wasteland while the Mini countryman all4camp is totally out of sight ! haha.. but no doubt its a cool car 😉

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