Madisons Restaurant, Shinas Estate Wine Dinner

madi 2Madisons is a modern European restaurant located in the heart of Bangsar on the famous Bangkung Row of Jalan Bangkung – the same row as Jarrod and Rawlins, Opus, Cava and Leonardos.

It’s a young restaurant driven by emotions and inspired by a long journey of discoveries in food and wine. Madisons is helmed by Chef Kelly Delaney from Australia who is passionate about making delicious food for her customers. As they say at Madisons, “We desire to offer a personalised yet relaxed and informal dining experience, attracting both local and international guests”.255496_127056567431565_1533109185_n

The setting at this restaurant is casual yet elegant enough for a night out. If you are on the hunt for a relaxing and cosy ambiance, Madisons is definitely a place worth visiting. Of course, the other more important plus point is that, in the aim to serve up great European cuisine, the restaurants’ food and wine menu changes regularly to match seasonal ingredients.

Last week, I was invited for a wine dinner at Madisons. For those interested, the wine estate is Shinas Estate from Victoria, Australia.


Shinas Vineyard, Victoria AustraliaIMG_9984-1-1024x682

We were introduced to five different wines from Shinas Estate:

  • Sweet Justice, Moscato
  • Innocent, Viognier
  • Guilty, Shiraz
  • Verdict, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Executioner, Shiraz 55% , Cabernet Sauvignon 43% and Viognier 2%


wine 1

Was the wine dinner any good? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty… 

Sweet Justice, Moscato
This is an Italian sparkling white wine produced in north-west Victoria. This wine is sweet, low in alcohol and perfect for any occasion. I believe this wine will suit most ladies.

Innocent, Viognier
The Viognier is pale yellow gold in colour and radiates heady aromas of apricot and melon which seduces the palate with its ripe, full-bodied, soft acid and lightly spiced flavours of apricot, custard and honey. It has an initial Australian “sunburnt earth” character. I found this wine quite exciting and distinctive with fabulous expressions of Viognier’s varietal character.

Guilty, Shiraz
The Guilty is a full bodied wine with voluptuous cherry, vanilla and peppery spice aromas. It is packed with smokey vanillin oak, cherry and strawberry fruits, chocolate and mocha all wrapped up in a big, rich, velvety smooth package. This is definitely a juicy wine with fine tannins.

Verdict, Cabernet Sauvignon
The Verdict tantalises the palate with ripe blackberry fruits and hints of roasted beetroot which develops in the mid palate. It gives a savoury tobacco leaf, leather and toasty nutmeg spice overtone which complement the fruits and add layers to the wine.

Executioner, Shiraz 55% , Cabernet Sauvignon 43% and Viognier 2%
The Executioner is happy blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Viognier. The Executioner greets the palate with blackberries, sour cherries, and a slight touch of blueberry flavour. There’s also plenty of spice, along with some cedar and vanilla oak. This wine is surprisingly dense and silky. The spice notes linger on the finish for incredible length. This is pure power and splendour.

My favourites for the night were definitely the Executioner and the Guilty.

The selected wines were carefully paired with meals specially crafted for the night by Chef Kelly.

Shinas 1Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a selection of canapés that was paired with Sweet Justice Moscato. If you love a sweet sparkling wine, you’re bound to love this.

Shinas 3The Innocent Viognier complemented the Fritto Misto perfectly. This was such a light, tasty and well executed dish.

Shinas 4 shinas 33The Guilty Shiraz was served with the tufted duck and chicken liver, served with Chianti jelly, roasted beetroot and baby pears. This was definitely an interesting dish for me and I’m happy to report that I loved it! Especially the roasted beetroot and perfectly poached baby pears.

shinas 9

Shinas 5The Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon was paired with the tortellini of suckling pig accompanied with prune and crispy sage. This dish was my favourite for the night as the juices that oozed from the tortellini was absolutely delicious.

shinas 6

Shinas 8The last dish of the night was the prime steer rib-eye with truffle mash, roasted Swiss brown mushrooms, shallots candied speck and sage. This dish was served with the Executioner. The rib-eye was cooked medium rare – perfection. The truffle mash was so smooth and velvety with just a hint of truffle flavour.

For more information on the variety of dishes and wine Madisons serve, please visit their website.

PS. In case you’re wondering, this is not a sponsored post but just my thoughts on a great restaurant. Other places to check out in Bangsar – here and here.


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