A Statement Necklace

olivia palermoThe queen of accessories turned heads as she strutted along at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City a few days ago. This had to do with her tribal beaded collar neck-piece with dangling silver chains. What do you think of this bold statement? I usually stick to dainty jewelry thinking that anything larger or chunky will overpower me. But Olivia Palermo pulls it off with such ease and class that I’m beginning to rethink my stand on this matter. Here are a couple of statement pieces I’m loving right now…collection of statement necklaces

1. Monochrome Cord Collar 2. Four Hex Necklace 3. Annoushka Statement Necklace 4. Mixed Chain Drape Collar 5. Pistachio Twisted Chain Necklace 6. Neon Piano Collar Necklace 7. Sophia Chain Wrapped Necklace 8. Gold Cord & Chain Link Necklace 9. Antonia Necklace 10. Natalie Statement Necklace 11. Safari Stone Collar 12. Premium Green Rhinestone Collar


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